Monday, October 26, 2009

Shogun Robbed??

UFC 104 - Machida vs Shogun

Watched this fight on Saturday night and was astonished by the judges decision for Machida. I have been a UFC fan ever since renting the very first UFC Beta tapes from Movies on the Move in Eburg, PA. I give Dana White all the credit in the world for buying up the organization for what is now essentially pocket change and legitimizing the event into the hugely popular sport it is today. Good for him. But this decision was horrendous and goes to show they should eliminate or severely revisit the judging aspect of UFC. I'm convinced these Cali judges were either drunk or high (given the huge amount of medical marijuana dispenseries that have sprung up) and totally botched this great fight. Suggestion: like the UFC reality show, they implement a sudden death round if there has not been a victor after the allotted rounds of the fight. If still no winner, it's a draw, period, and requires an immediate rematch at the next main UFC event. I know this would limit White's ability to over market the whole thing and make his millions even more, but tough shit baldy. Speaking of which, when will Derek Vinyard enter the UFC? He'd be awesome.

Check out Rua's post fight press conference here

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